About Us

Prime HealthCare Group LLC was founded by Dr Jamil Ahmed an Orthopedic Surgeon trained in India and Germany, in partnership with some prominent local partners with a vision of becoming “the most respected healthcare provider in the region” by offering personalized, comprehensive and affordable quality health care with most effective treatment outcomes through the best-in-class professionals. The very first out-patient center was started in October 1999.

PRIME is now amongst the UAE’s leading healthcare service provider today and well-known brand with its team of over 250 physicians and 800 supporting professionals providing state-of-the-art medical care to the UAE’s citizens and residents. All dedicated to making the country a benchmark for superior healthcare solutions. The team of physicians handpicked on the basis of their exemplary credentials and expertise in diagnosis and treatment.

In fact, this expertise coupled with some of our core values of Transparency, Customer Centricity, Quality Consciousness, Cost Effectiveness and Speed of action played an integral part in the Prime HealthCare Group being conferred the Dubai Quality Appreciation (DQA) Award in 2012 for the second time, the first being in 2007. We were commended by the Dubai Government’s Department of Economic Development for excellence in the areas of high service quality, appreciable level of customer satisfaction, strategic branding, employee care, frequent free health check-ups and health awareness programs under our community out-reach program.

“Personalized care, personally” – is a key guideline that drives the entire service process and is owned by all the staff at Prime. A philosophy practiced at all levels in the group with the following verticals for its customers, business partners and stakeholders.

1. Prime Hospital LLC: Prime Hospital is a 100 bedded strategically located facility focusing primarily on the much needed acute adult / pediatric and neonatal care with a dedicated mother and child floor. Designed as per American Institute of Architects Hospital Architecture (AIA) guidelines and purpose built as per JCI standards, Prime Hospital’s aesthetic and patient friendly interiors are designed by the internationally acclaimed design firm, who to their credit has many international institutions. The state of the art equipment has been sourced from some of the best suppliers in the industry.

2. Prime Medical Centers LLC: Multi-specialty Centers in all major residential areas of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi offering the service ranging from General Practice to Super Specialty supported with diagnostic facilities under one roof. Over 2,500 medically insured and noninsured patients are served across all Centers on a daily basis.

3. Premier Diagnostic Centers - fully equipped laboratory & radiology unit – accredited by the ISO 15189 offering Open MRI, CT scan, mammography, OPG, advanced laboratory services, segmental body analysis, sleep study, etc. The Center has a dedicated team of experts providing different kind of Preventive Health Screenings for men & women, Pre-employment Health Screenings and Pre-insurance Medical Examinations of international standards.

4. Corporate Services - To overcome the lack of quality medical care for the workers, PRIME opened the first network of dedicated onsite & corporate clinics at over 40 locations in UAE to serve workers and other staff members inside corporate clients’ premises on daily or alternate day basis.

5. Medi Prime Pharmacies – located adjacent to most PRIME branches, stock a variety of prescription as well as over-the-counter medicines to complement its full range of medical services.

6. Prime Medical Store LLC – Ideally located at Al Qusais industrial area No. 3 with a storage area of 4600 sq.ft (G+M), established in December 2012 as central medical store of Prime Healthcare Group, licensed by Ministry of Health as a ‘drug store’. This store is ISO certified and the current operation include centralized purchase and supply of medicines, consumables & equipment for all our pharmacies, medical centers and diagnostic center. At present Prime Stores is run with 15 staffs and 2 delivery van.

  • President
  • Dr Jamil Ahmed
  • Chairman
  • Mr Vinod Kumar Singhal
  • Co- Chairman
  • Dr Wadahshaker Al Joudi
  • Dr Dirar Abdallah
  • Prof Safwan A Taha
Scientific committee
  • Dr Alok Chaubey
  • Dr Varsha Ojha
  • Dr Prashant Sharma
  • Dr Sangram Singh
  • Dr Raafat Samuel Fares
  • Dr Md. Rafique P.
  • Dr Prabaharan Balaji
  • Dr Mamta Mittal
  • Dr Rizwan A. Kazi
  • Dr Md. Arshad Khan
  • Dr Faris Al Aswad
  • Dr Phanipriya Garikapati
  • Prof Yasser KAYYAL
  • Dr Sanjay Kumar Sureen
  • Dr Subramanyam Chandrasekhar
  • Dr Amr H. Mahmoud El Yamani
  • Dr Ismail Moudhffer Al Khalidi
  • Dr Suhail Abbas
  • Dr Raed Safrini
  • Dr Rana Shahzad
  • Dr Ahmed Zaki
  • Dr Rekha
  • Dr Neelam
  • Dr Shabeena
  • Dr Heba
  • Mr Riaz Khan
  • Mr S S I Quadrie
  • Mr Dinesh Nair
  • Dr Osman El Bakry
  • Mr Sajididullah
  • Mr Yakoob Ali
  • Mr Tanweer
  • Mr Mohammed Faiz
  • Mr Ali Saeed
  • Mr Singaram Annamalai
  • Mr George Varghese
  • Mr Sameer Saeed Ali
Advisory Board
  • Dr Ahmed Salah
  • Dr Nagla
  • Dr Shameem Mir
  • Dr Dima Yassin
  • Dr Antony Thomas
  • Dr Shahid Gauhar
  • Dr Kiran B. Shende
  • Dr Jyothish George
  • Dr Md Hassan Kazia
  • Dr Saeid Taghizadeh
  • Dr Rajendra M. Joshi
  • Dr Mustafa H. Mahesri
  • Dr Ahmed I. Al Jabouri
  • Dr Bipin Valchandji Daga
Honorary Committee
    • Dr Alya Al Mazrouei
    • Dr Faris Al Aswad
    • Dr Faisal Md Saeed Badri
    • Dr Abdul Jabbar Mehdi Salih
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